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About DivyaSaksham Infratech Private Limited

DSIPL to carry business for Information Technology & Communication enterprises that will include Hardware, Software Development, Training, Skill development & Capacity Building. The Company will also engage itself in consultancy, technical training, monitoring of the projects, and to undertake training programmes and projects in different government departments as per the needs of the government, and will carry on all kinds of business in India or abroad related to information technology assignments.

DSIPL to develop, erect, install, alter, improve, establish, renovate, repair, buy, sell, lease, let on hire, commercialize, turn to account, fabricate, handle and control, all such buildings and structures, and to purchase, sale, or deal in all types of immovable properties for development, investment, or for resale, and to act as a buyer, seller, importer, exporter, agent, distributor, stockiest, or otherwise deal in all types of raw materials, goods, fittings, parts, accessories, know-how, consumables, plant & machineries & tools used for the foregoing purpose and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of above objects.; lessees of lands, flats and other immovable properties , or rights or interests therein or connected therewith. To acquire by purchase, lease, exchange, hire or otherwise lands and property of any kind or tenure or any interest in the same.

DSIPL to construct, maintain, improve, develop, work, control and manage any water works, gas works, reservoirs, roads, electrical power, heat and light supply works, telephone works, hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, places of worship, places of amusements, pleasure grounds, parks, gardens, reading rooms, stores, shops, dairies and other works and conveniences and to contribute or otherwise assist or take part in the construction, maintenance, development, working, control and management thereof.